Vanochtend bij Bildnis @ De Grote Post deel 3 Hans Op de Beeck

The Building’ is a digitally-generated animation film in which the artist sends the viewer on a virtual, nocturnal walking tour of a fictitious, megalomaniacal hospital complex. This hospital has the same mediocre, half-hearted, over-the-top architectural features as the hospitals, shopping malls, health clubs or airports that have shot up like mushrooms all over the Western world. These buildings are designed to accommodate visitors by the tens of thousands at the very least, and therefore radiate a mood of alienation and interchangeability. Strikingly enough, it is precisely these huge, new, impersonal hospital complexes that usually form the background for the most personal and essential moments in life: in a hospital one is born, suffers, comforts, heals and dies. ‘The Building’ does not follow a strict narrative line, but submerses the viewer in the slumbering, nocturnal machine, with the camera switching back and forth between a neutral, observing point of view and the subjective position of the patient.

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Over annie goossens

Oostende Terminus na een zwervend leven. Terug naar mijn west-vlaamse roots en het ontdekking van mijn oorspronkelijke taal
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